Xcom 285 appendix f

The average burn length may not exceed 6 inches and the average flame time after removal of the flame source may not exceed 15 seconds.

Xcom 285 appendix f

Xcom 285 appendix f Force was less than satisfied with the Starfighter, and procured only examples in single-seat and two-seat versions.

At the time, USAF doctrine placed little importance on air superiority fighter-to-fighterand the Starfighter was deemed inadequate for either the interceptor fighter-to-bomber or tactical fighter-bomber role, lacking both payload capability and endurance in comparison with other USAF aircraft.

They continued in use until Indian sources dispute this claim. Fs were vectored to intercept the Gnat flying over Pakistan, which was returning to its home base.


The Fs, closing in at supersonic speed, caused the Gnat pilot to land at a nearby disused Pakistani airfield and surrender. The Indian Air Force IAF disputed PAF's claim of forced landing and stated that the landing was an error of the pilot, who made an emergency landing thinking it to be an Indian airstrip.

This marked the first uncontested F combat victory in the world. One F did not return to base and its pilot was listed as MIA. Several countries received their aircraft under the U. The American engine was retained but built under license in Europe, Canada, and Japan.

The Lockheed ejector seats were retained initially but were replaced later in some countries by the safer Martin-Baker seat. The so-called "Deal of the Century" produced substantial income for Lockheed but the resulting bribery scandals caused considerable political controversy in Europe and Japan.

The last operational Starfighters served with the Italian Air Force, which retired them on 31 October First launches were expected to occur in In earlyanother venture, CubeCab, was working on a rocket system that would launch CubeSats from Fs. Equipped with razor-edge thin-blade supersonic wings visible from the cockpit only in the mirrorsit was designed for optimum performance at Mach 1.

Xcom 285 appendix f

If used appropriately, with high-speed surprise attacks and good use of its exceptional thrust-to-weight ratio, it could be a formidable opponent. It was exceptionally stable at high speed, i. However, when lured into a low-speed turning contest with conventional subsonic opponents as Pakistani pilots were with Indian Hunters inthe outcome of dogfights was always in doubt.

The F's large turn radius was due to the high speeds required for maneuvering, and its high- alpha stalling and pitch-up behavior was known to command respect. High engine power had to be maintained on the final approach to ensure adequate airflow for the boundary layer control system; consequently pilots were warned not to cut the throttle until the aircraft was actually on the ground.

A drag chute and effective brakes shortened the Starfighter's landing roll. The high angle of attack area of flight was protected by a stick shaker system to warn the pilot of an approaching stall, and if this was ignored, a stick pusher system would pitch the aircraft's nose down to a safer angle of attack; this was often overridden by the pilot despite flight manual warnings against this practice.

At extremely high angles of attack the F was known to " pitch-up " and enter a spinfrom which in most cases it was impossible to recover.

Unlike the twin-engined McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II for example, the F with its single engine lacked the safety margin in the case of an engine failure, and had a poor glide ratio without thrust.

The engine featured variable incidence compressor stator blades, a design feature that altered the angle of the stator blades automatically with altitude and temperature.

A condition known as "T-2 reset", a normal function that made large stator blade angle changes, caused several engine failures on takeoff. It was discovered that large and sudden temperature changes e. The dangers presented by these engine failures were compounded by the downward ejection seat, which gave the pilot little chance of a safe exit at low level.Appendix 5 Appendix 5: List of Witnesses.

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Xcom 285 appendix f
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