Writing a fashion editorial 2016


Writing a fashion editorial 2016

Every last one of these body positive warrior women wants fashion to give us more diversity, and here they are defining squad goals in sporty sexy clothes in our TOTALLY unretouched editorial shot by Jen Plas.

writing a fashion editorial 2016

Gary Darkin co-founder of JAG models put together the cast of characters to make for one inclusive girl gang. Suiting these women up in activewear makes sense — they are all actively working to raise awareness about body image. Watch them power walk, stretch, chill out, and just slay the game in general below, you know, if mega cool confident baes stunting and supporting each other are your thing.

After you read the words of these powerful women demanding more diversity from fashion and ShoptheRiot, JointheRiot and tell us what YOU want to see from fashion in the comments. RunwayRiot is dedicated to serving women who are underrepresented in fashion, so this is your site.

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Photographer, Jen Plas on shooting the editorial: When Ashley came to me with the idea of an un-retouched campaign that would embrace the beauty of women of all sizes, I knew immediately I wanted to be involved. We wanted to show not only the natural beauty of these women, but also their strength of body and character.

With such an impressive cast of women, all of whom are pushing for body positivity in the industry, it was important to me that their confidence came through in every image.

I wanted to be able to show both sides of each model; the soft and feminine side on the ballet bar, and the confident strength outside in the park. These women practice what they preach, and I am completely in love with the final product.

Ashley Hoffman, Makeup artist: Cooper and Sandradene FearonFashion assistant: Amanda Thomas Creative director, Ashley Hoffman on the concept: I envisioned an army of women — all tough stares and power stances banding together in the name of body positivity.

I was inspired by the Clueless gym scene and I was determined to style these women in snug clothes in black, white, grey and deep blue. I wanted it to be cool, not a sweet slumber party.

I reached out to the visionary Jen Plas because her photos of women are so rich with emotional depth. To see this battalion of women personifying body confidence come together and create these images with Jennifer, and for women to see themselves in clothes they can have, is exhilarating.

Why do you believe in unretouched photos? It makes me feel good enough not just as a model but as a human. What major changes need to happen in the fashion industry?

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More inclusion and the celebration of diversity. Brands that have larger sizes to start lending samples for editorials and investing in advertising also. What have you learned that you want to impart to young women?

writing a fashion editorial 2016

Every day, you have to practise self-care to have a positive relationship with your body and self.Welcome to RunwayRiot’s first ever group editorial, featuring a powerhouse cast of gamechanging body positive megababes: RunwayRiot’s own Iskra Lawrence joins Chloé Véro, Laney Degrasse, Chloe Marshall, Victoria Gomez, Ash Walker, Fiona Falkiner, and Michelle Vawer..

Every last one of these body positive warrior women wants fashion to . A daily selection of Fashion Editorials, refined from fashion magazines and blogs and published by our editorial team.

Billy Coffey says he writes every book longhand, with a fountain ink pen.

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump visited the editorial board of The Washington Post on Mar. Here is audio of the full, unedited interview.

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