Randomly generated research paper

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Randomly generated research paper

Research picks Photo mining Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints Indeed, modern travellers take and share billions of photos every year thanks to the advent of smartphones, digital cameras, and social media.

The digital footprints they leave offer a hidden treasure of geotagged information about popular and not-so-popular tourist destinations.

Until now, most data mining of tourist photographs has focused on time and location and ignored the context of the images. Xu and colleagues have added another layer to a recommendation algorithm.

If improving privacy led to slower websites there might be some attrition that would turn people away from more secure sites. Now, a new study from Eric Chan-Tin of the Department of Computer Science, at Loyola University Chicago, in Illinois, and Rakesh Ravishankar of the Computer Science Department, at Oklahoma State University, in Stillwater, USA, reveals that the average time taken to load a web page encrypted with standard certification techniques is a mere a few fractions of a second slower 12 per cent slower the load time of an unencrypted page.

They explain that a standard, unencrypted page prefixed with http: Given the benefits of encryption and this small compromise coupled with the fact that many browsers now flag sites that are not encrypted as not being secure, and search engines lowering the ranking of the Randomly generated research paper, there is a need to push for https to be the default instead of http.

There have been problems with some of the certification authorities in recent years where the very core of the encryption system has been accessed by hackers. However, the team suggests that the strength of ten trusted authorities would allow 80 percent of the web to be protected.

They are not advocating the use of those ten specifically but do point out that with those and an additional roster, it should be possible to secure almost the whole of the web. Security and Networks, Vol.

For many user groups, such as the visually impaired and the elderly, this can be a problem. Now, a team in the USA has developed an alternative, graphical password system to circumvent some of the barriers to accessibility for the older internet user.

The new system is based on embedding familiar facial images among random unfamiliar images so that a user with stymied abilities might still be able to use a password to login. The system, as it stands, is particularly suited to users with limited manual dexterity who do not need the additional barrier of having to type convoluted text-based passwords when clicking with a mouse on images or tapping a touchscreen would suffice for many applications.

Plankton is an umbrella term for any organism that lives in a large body of water, such as an ocean and cannot propel itself against the current. It is an extremely diverse group that encompasses bacteria, archaea, algae, protozoa and any drifting or floating animals that inhabit large water columns.

Plankton is a source of food for fish and other marine animals. Moreover, the distribution of plankton underpins the persistence of marine ecosystems as well as having an impact on chemical concentrations of the oceans and the Earth's atmosphere.

The team explains that because of the diversity of plankton in terms of their nature, size and shape, accurate classification is daunting and the mixed quality of images collected for different types of plankton and species makes this problem even more challenging.

The team's new intelligent machine learning system based on convolutional neural networks CNN for plankton image classification does not depend on features engineering and can be efficiently extended to encompass new classes.

Tests on standard images show the new approach to be more accurate than even state-of-the-art tools available today. Computational Vision and Robotics, Vol. First, they present the inventory data of greenhouse gas emissions, final energy consumption, the share of renewable energy, and other data and compare achievements so far with the targets.

Secondly, they look for a correspondence between the increasing number of certified companies and positive results with respect to mitigation.Thesis sample research paper generator. Posted on October 29, by.

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Randomly generated research paper

Denise Brehm, News Office April 15, Press Inquiries "Our current plan is to go there and give a completely randomly generated talk, delivered entirely with a straight face," say the three on their web site. This Website is maintained by the MIT News Office, part of the Office of Communications.

Randomly generated research paper

Posted in Code, Humor, Physics, Projects 42 Comments The snarXiv Mar 10, The snarX­iv is a ran­dom high-ener­gy the­o­ry paper gen­er­a­tor incor­po­rat­ing all the lat­est trends, entrop­ic rea­son­ing, and excit­ing mod­uli spaces.

The arX­iv is sim­i­lar, but occa­sion­al­ly less ran­dom. [Actu­al­ly, the snarX­iv only gen­er­ates tan­ta­liz­ing titles. Most random paper research number on generate random number tables will a simple random sample using a random number table on a piece of paper.

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