Problems encountered in a manual payroll system

Advantages and disadvantages of payroll? Here are a few of my observations: Advantages of using payroll service bureau: The payroll company is on top of the most current laws and regulations.

Problems encountered in a manual payroll system

When a person voluntarily quits his employment, presumably, that circumstance is within his control. For this reason, generally, a worker who quits voluntarily is not eligible to receive unemployment compensation.

Of course, the Devil is always in the details. There are many many circumstances under which a person may quit their employment with good cause and collect. For example, if a worker is subject to sexual harassment, if the paychecks consistently bounce or are not forthcoming, if new conditions of employment become manifestly unsafe, even if their spouse is transferred far away, or etc.

So the rule is simple, but the exceptions are many. This section will therefore predominantly deal with exceptions. The first question to resolve is whether the quit was truly voluntary.

This sounds simple, but many times the issue becomes clouded by threats or other demands on the part of the employer.

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For example, if an employer were to deliver this ultimatum: A quit is voluntary if it is initiated by the worker and is not compelled by the employer. In this case, compulsion is certainly furnished by the employer's peremptory threat.

The mere form of a written resignation does not produce a truly voluntary quit. A resignation letter and a voluntary quit are two different animals.

Once the question whether the quit was voluntary has been decided, then the issue becomes whether the quit was for good cause.

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our office manager isn’t processing payroll on time Tweet The manual payroll system is an inexpensive method of performing the payroll process. Manual payroll means that you, or another employee within your company, calculate the payroll each pay period entirely on paper.
What are Problems of manual systems Consequently, they expect their employer to pay them accurately and on time. When paycheck errors occur, employees often become panic-stricken.
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Good cause may be defined as real, substantial and reasonable circumstances which would cause the average person to quit his employment. Good cause includes good faith. Purely subjective or personal reasons, or oversensitive reactions to working conditions or circumstances, should not be regarded as good cause.

Problems encountered in a manual payroll system

Sexual harassment is usually defined in purely subjective and often oversensitive terms, and yet may provide good cause. How the content of prime time television comedy becomes the responsibility of a brewer confounds thoughtful people everywhere.

Take a better example: What if a comptroller was instructed to cook the books, but, rather than do something illegal, he quit?

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In this case, his compulsion may be the law. So compulsion does not have to be the direct action of the employer. It can be merely a circumstance related to the actions of the employer. Take a third example: What if a worker were instructed by his union to leave the job, perhaps because there was a labor dispute at another plant entirely?

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Here the compulsion did not come from the employer, and yet, depending upon the state, the quit may not be regarded as voluntary on the part of the employee. The question of whether the worker left for good cause depends upon his reason for leaving the job, not upon the fact that the quit was voluntary.

Generally, a worker will not have good cause for leaving work until he has reasonably exhausted other opportunities for resolving his employment problems, including available grievance procedures, or discussing the problems with supervisors or management.

If he quits without any effort to resolve problems with the employer, this does not reflect a genuine desire to remain employed. Generally, once a worker has accepted work, knowing the terms and conditions, he cannot thereafter voluntarily quit the work and allege that the terms and conditions were good cause for leaving.

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Once a quit is determined to be voluntary, it is the responsibility of the worker to show that he had good cause for leaving. The separation must in fact, have been expressly forced by the employer. A resignation because of dissatisfaction with the working conditions will not invoke this rule.

The employee who says: An employee who quits because he is asked to commit illegal acts has been forced to quit.Manual payroll calculations in smaller companies may easily take three-four days, and if the errors continue to be reported, and this leads to many problems for HR such as costly Using Salary Structures in Your Payroll System for Payouts Free Essays on Problems Encountered In A Manual Payroll System for students.

Based Attendance Monitoring System Using Biometric Device For Don Jesus. Here are three commonly overlooked payroll mistakes that have led to trouble for many companies in the past: Forgetting about bonuses. This is a particularly common mistake during the holiday season with many companies paying employees a Christmas bonus.

This motivated the proponents to design a computerized payroll system to lessen or even eliminate the problems being encountered on the present system used by the Department of Agrarian Reform. Summary After a thorough observation and careful analysis basing from the information gathered, the following findings and problems has been observed.

Problems encountered in a manual payroll system

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