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Rogelio Bernal Andreo In the night sky, Betelgeuse is easy to spot with the naked eye owing to its distinctive orange-red color. In the Northern Hemispherebeginning in January of each year, it can be seen rising in the east just after sunset. In May moderate northern latitudes or June southern latitudesthe red supergiant can be seen briefly on the western horizon after sunset, reappearing again a few months later on the eastern horizon before sunrise.

Betelgeuse is a variable star whose brightness ranges between 0. There are periods when it will surpass Procyon to become the seventh-brightest star, and occasionally even brighter.

At its faintest Betelgeuse can fall behind Deneb and Mimosathemselves both slightly variable, to be the 20th-brightest star.

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Betelgeuse has a color index B—V of 1. The photosphere has an extended atmospherewhich displays strong lines of emission rather than absorptiona phenomenon that occurs when a star is surrounded by a thick gaseous envelope rather than ionized.

This extended gaseous atmosphere has been observed moving away from and towards Betelgeuse, depending on radial velocity fluctuations in the photosphere.

If human eyes were sensitive to radiation at all wavelengths, Betelgeuse would appear as the brightest star in the sky. They are at distances of about one to four arc-minutes and all are fainter than 10th magnitude.

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Orion systems a of polarization data from through indicated a close companion with a periodic orbit of about 2. Given these results it is clear that the Hipparcos data still contain systematic errors of unknown origin.

Forced observations of brighter stars mean that final results should be available for all bright stars and a parallax for Betelgeuse will be published an order of magnitude more accurate than currently available. It is placed in subgroup SRc; these are pulsating red supergiants with amplitudes around one magnitude and periods from tens to hundreds of days.

Betelgeuse is listed in the General Catalogue of Variable Stars with a possible period of 2, days. This demonstrates the nature of the pulsations in size, although corresponding temperature and spectral variations are not clearly seen.

It is proposed that this is due to granulationsimilar to the same effect on the sun but on a much larger scale. List of largest stars On 13 DecemberBetelgeuse became the first star outside the Solar System to have the angular size of its photosphere measured. The researchers, using a uniform disk model, determined that Betelgeuse had a diameter of 0.

Astronomical interferometry, first conceived by Hippolyte Fizeau inwas the seminal concept that has enabled major improvements in modern telescopy and led to the creation of the Michelson interferometer in the s, and the first successful measurement of Betelgeuse.

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The science evolved quickly and multiple-aperture interferometers are now used to capture speckled imageswhich are synthesized using Fourier analysis to produce a portrait of high resolution.

Inthe SSL team produced another measure of The earlier estimate equates to a radius of roughly 5. At near-infrared wavelengths K and L bandsthe scattering is negligible, so the classical photosphere can be directly seen; in the mid-infrared the scattering increases once more, causing the thermal emission of the warm atmosphere to increase the apparent diameter.

Earlier studies have typically lasted one to two years by comparison and have explored multiple wavelengths, often yielding vastly different results. Once considered as having the largest angular diameter of any star in the sky after the Sun, Betelgeuse lost that distinction in when a group of astronomers measured R Doradus with a diameter of This corresponds to the radius calculated from the effective temperature and bolometric luminosity.

The Rosseland radius differs from directly measured radii, but there are widely used conversion factors depending on the wavelength used for the angular measurements.

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The letter "M" in this designation means that it is a red star belonging to the M spectral class and therefore has a relatively low photospheric temperature; the "Ia-ab" suffix luminosity class indicates that it is an intermediate-luminosity supergiant, with properties partway between a normal supergiant and a luminous supergiant.

Sincethe spectrum of Betelgeuse has served as one of the stable anchor points by which other stars are classified. Values outside this range have previously been reported, and much of the variation is believed to be real, due to pulsations in the atmosphere. Modern mass estimates from theoretical modelling have produced values of 9.

Consequently, it is likely that Betelgeuse has not always had its current motion through space but has changed course at one time or another, possibly the result of a nearby stellar explosion.Orion Health is a global company that develops software to drive efficiency in healthcare and improve healthcare outcomes.

We deliver technology solutions for interoperability, population health management and precision medicine. Orions Systems is a pioneer in the development of large-scale, hybrid smart vision systems, powered by algorithms and human cognition. Case Study: ORION SYSTEMS (A) Question 1.

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