Marian spirituality

This is a live course held at St. From that quiet beginning more than 4, people have experienced the Exercises. Among the fruits that participants have experienced are: Those Exercises have been the source of great spiritual growth for years.

Marian spirituality


It helps to foster those virtues best exemplified by Our Lady: These virtues in turn lead to a spirit of docility within us.

Personal piety and conformity to Christ increases with a deepening of the interior life. What may be less obvious to some is the important role the liturgy plays in assisting with this formation. This of course requires a Christocentric worship, one that avoids the pitfalls of modern, anthropocentric, liturgical innovations.

To this end, the traditional Latin Mass actually helps to foster an authentic Marian spirituality. Before continuing, it is important to define our terms. To understand what is meant by an authentic Marian spirituality, we turn to the definition provided by University of Regensburg theologian Wolfgang Beinert.

From the Annunciation, to the Wedding at Cana, to the foot of the Cross, Kwasniewski devotes an entire chapter of his book to exploring this relationship between Mary and the Mass.

Just how does the Traditional liturgy foster Marian spirituality? Through the Rites structural emphasis on obedience and humility. The ancient Rite demands our obedience.

It properly orientates us.

Marian spirituality

The rubrics forms us rather than being formed by us. Our response must be one of obedience or we will be lost. We are humbled before that which is greater than us, that which is immemorial and immutable. In contrast, the New Mass, with its various options and permissible innovations, can stifle a Marian spirituality.

As Professor Kwasniewski observes: Hence, for the liturgy to be Marian, for it to change us into her image, it must not—I repeat, must not—be subject to the will of the celebrant.

It cannot be full of options, variations, adaptations, extemporaneous utterances, improvisations. As Joseph Ratzinger has rightly said: The novelty of having options to choose from in the missal, as if one were partaking of a devotional buffet, the novelty of allowing celebrants to build from modules and to improvise at various points of the Mass…changes the fundamental character of worship in a radical way.

Obviously we are not speaking here of dissent, or even liturgical abuses. Nevertheless, it is indeed contra-Marian. To elaborate upon this notion, Kwasniewski continues: Returning now to the scene of the Annunciation, we see Our Lady giving her Fiat, on which the entire salvation of the world hinges.

Note the double passivity of this statement.Marian piety does not in the first place consist of pilgrimages, images, litanies, Marian hymns the essence of Marian spirituality is truly found not in the fact that a person prays to Mary, but rather that person prays like Mary.

“Having attentively considered how greatly the promotion of this devotion [to Mary as Mother of the Church] might encourage the growth of the maternal sense of the Church in the pastors, religious and faithful, as well as a growth of genuine Marian piety, Pope Francis has decreed that the Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother.

In the atmosphere of anti-Marian bias that prevailed in the Church during the latter half of the twentieth century, and lingers in many parts of the Church today, it is difficult to appreciate the extent to which the Catholic milieu of the earlier half of the twentieth century was imbued with a deep-seated Marian spirituality.

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Marian spirituality is sometimes thought as a mystery to people. If you attentively look through the Gospels you can discover God’s perfect Servant. One term used to characterize Marian spirituality is a relationship with the Holy Spirit, while following Christ, being and living through the Lord.

spirituality and thus be in a position to see what a Marian spirituality might involve. Sandra Schneiders who is a strong proponent of spirituality as an academic discipline with its own.

The virtues of obedience and humility, central to authentic Marian spirituality, are fostered amidst the silence and structure of the old Mass. The interior life is thereby fed by this liturgical disposition, which itself is supported and reinforced by the liturgical form.

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