Machiavelli cunning like a fox and ferocious like a lion

He just said that the prince not shy away from them if he could gain some advantage with them. One hates to hear such advice, of course, but we live in a fallen world, and some evils are lesser than others. The primary job of any prince is to maintain his status, and thus the integrity of his state.

Machiavelli cunning like a fox and ferocious like a lion

Fidel Castro The observations of successful leaders that Machiavelli made are still apparent in the modern world and prove that history truly does repeat itself. What is better, to be loved or feared?

We will write a custom essay sample on Machiavellian Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Machiavelli states that people will easily be disloyal to the love for their leader, but if you are feared, it will be much more difficult to quickly challenge a leader that is feared.

They assumed the invasion would inspire other Cubans in the population to rise up and overthrow Castro. His people fear him and the power he has over them is what in the long run keeps him with that power. This same trait is what was discussed by Machiavelli in Chapter 17 and proves how Castro exemplifies what Machiavelli considers to be an effective leader.

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This gives the book purpose and to an extent, proves that some of the traits Machiavelli discusses are very apparent in modern day leaders. Castro was able to successfully rule over his people because they were so terrified of him, hat it demonstrates the exact traits Machiavelli deemed to lead to an effective leader.

Machiavelli stated that a greedy army is never sufficient, as well as efficient for the state. Castro specialized in this belief by always being ferocious for his enemies and critics.

Machiavelli cunning like a fox and ferocious like a lion

He was able to use his army to give him more power and to keep his people standing right behind him, and supporting him. The qualities Machiavelli states about army are very relevant to the way Castro rules and show how these traits are what create and obtain effectiveness in a leader.

In addition, he snatched every business that was previously under the American influence and then was able to strengthen connections with the Soviet regime.

In the end, all his actions are justified by the means of Castro attaining power in every single way possible to chase a grander goal.

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All the traits Castro obtains are relatable to those seen in The Prince and he is a perfect example of an effective leader with Machiavellian traits. He was able to control and carry out his government with the tactics that Machiavelli wrote about in his book.

Fidel Castro was a ruthless leader and because of his selfish thinking, he was able to lead Cuba as a true effective Machiavellian Leader. El Legado de Castro.A prince must be a fox to spot the snares and a lion to overwhelm the wolves. Those who rely merely upon the lion’s strength do not understand this, therefore, a prudent ruler can not keep his word nor should he when it would be to his disadvantage to do so.

Nov 30,  · Very nice observation about Machiavelli's use of animal imagery.

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Yes, it is very likely that he was thinking of the ways in which animals were used in stories like is very Machiavellian of him, of course, to use animals as examples of ways in which the Prince should behave that in other contexts were considered less than desirable role models.

Machiavelli points to Severus as a very foxy lion: If we look carefully at what Severus did, we find he played both the ferocious lion and the cunning fox very well; he was feared and respected by all parties and he managed to avoid being hated by the army. And to use the beast, the prince must learn to attack like a fox and a lion: “a fox to recognize snares and lion to frighten the wolves.” Appearance of virtue.

For Machiavelli, the prince is not expected to observe the classical understanding of virtue, since the people also do not observe it. "The Prince," said Machiavelli, "must be a lion; but he must also know how to play the fox." The fox stands for craftiness, cunning, and cruelty.

The lamb is always the symbol of gentleness and innocence. Machiavelli " cavilling here and there, at some expression, or little incident of my discourse, is not an answer to my book." he was both a ferocious lion and a cunning fox." Machiavelli "Justice, therefore, that is to say, keeping of covenant, is a rule of reason, by which we are forbidden to do anything destructive to our life; and.

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