Good points on cromwell

Who was Oliver Cromwell? Oliver Cromwell was an English military leader and Member of Parliament.

Good points on cromwell

His mastery of the black arts of spin and propaganda, of flattery, patronage and sudden betrayal, make the most ruthless modern politicians seem mild by comparison. He ran a spy network that was the nearest thing a 16th-century regime could get to the Stasi, saw off his foes with trumped up charges of adultery and revelled in the torture of his enemies.

Good points on cromwell

He was a man whose private life was filled with tragedy, who ultimately went to the scaffold when he put his religious convictions above his Machiavellian politics. Yet it is also a book which manages to find humanity and heartbreaking pathos amid the brutality of his turbulent life and tragic fall.

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So who was the real Cromwell? And what was it that drove him to such appalling, inhuman excesses? It was a world in which the weak died, and only the strongest survived. Thomas, with an iron will and an almost limitless ambition, was a survivor.

He would become a master of languages, speaking Latin and Italian fluently, though whether he was taught these at school seems unlikely.

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More probably, with his quick, brilliant brain, he picked them up on his mysterious travels, on which he embarked some time in his teens. We know that he fought as a mercenary in the savage Italian wars of the early 16th century, as the Spanish, French and Venetians fought bitterly for power and territory.

The Prince describes with unflinching candour the grim truth about how power is actually seized and held on to in the world of men. Small wonder that the Catholic Church had The Prince banned. Yet it circulated widely, and Thomas Cromwell certainly knew it and seems to have taken its lessons to heart.

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Here was the New Learning of the Renaissance at its most ruthless and worldly. Hilary Mantel winner of the Man Booker Prize for Fiction for her book, Wolf Hall Cromwell would also have encountered the first stirrings of Protestantism on his travels. Armed with such dangerous ideas, he went on to the Netherlands, where he established the beginnings of his own personal fortune as a merchant, probably in the lucrative wool trade.

Money is also power. He came back to England, a small island kingdom, still in many ways in the Middle Ages: Cromwell set about becoming a lawyer, always a useful grounding for the politically ambitious. This in itself was an astonishing achievement for a low-born mercenary and tradesman.

He must have paid his own way through the Inns of Court, qualifying as a barrister, no doubt encountering scorn from the better-born lawyers surrounding him."Cromwell" is a beautifully crafted epic film, with all of the steel and cannon required for a blockbuster about the English Civil War.

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Thanks to Alec Guinness's subtle and beguiling performance as King Charles I, we have divided loyalties as to which actor is the 'hero' of this film. Oliver Cromwell: Oliver Cromwell, English soldier and statesman, who led parliamentary forces in the English Civil Wars and was lord protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland (–58) during the republican Commonwealth.

Learn more about the life and accomplishments of Cromwell in this article. This was a good decision for Cromwell to make as it made him prove he could be a good leader as at the point he showed good organisation and co-operation skills. There are many different opinions of Cromwell- some good and some bad.

Cromwellian conquest of Ireland; Part of the Eleven Years' War and Wars of the Three Kingdoms: Oliver Cromwell, who landed in Ireland in to re-conquer .

Thomas Cromwell: Thomas Cromwell, principal adviser to England’s Henry VIII and chiefly responsible for establishing the Reformation in England.

Cromwell has one of the most cockeyed points of view of any historical epic ever made. The audience is supposed to be pulling for 17th-century Protestant leader Oliver Cromwell, who out of.

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