Global business plan competition singapore mrt

At the same time, we will enhance the living environment by leveraging on the scenic greenery and waterfront access to the Jurong Lake. To realise this vision, the planners have developed strategies that capitalise on the wonderful assets these areas have. These include building upon the strategic location of Jurong Gateway which is well served by road and rail, and in the midst of a large population and customer catchment. The lake and its greenery are also unique features which can be enhanced.

Global business plan competition singapore mrt

We then obtain a curious mixture between a very prosperous but also very disciplined society.

Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition (LKYGBPC) 2017

According local medias, the purchase of a license costs nearly 50, Singapore dollars 31, eurosbringing the purchase price of a Toyota Corolla toSingapore dollars 72, euros.

This system means that only about 15 percent of Singaporeans own a car. Aboutprivate vehicles are in circulation in the archipelago, a high number for a limited road network. This causes a serious contrariety in a city-state that has one of the widest divides between rich and poor in the world.

But now, Singapore plans to increase the population density from 11, per square kilometer to 13, per square kilometer by Singapore may see a population of almost It becomes clear that the mobility of future residents will not be done by the individual car. According theirs users, it is relatively easy and cheap to get around Singapore using public transport during their operational hours roughly from local time 6am to mid-night.

MRT provides a very convenient mode of transportation to all parts of Singapore.

global business plan competition singapore mrt

Simple directional maps are available at all prominent points of the subway stations MRT to guide travellers to their desired destinations. One head, two arms There are two public transport companies for all of Singapore: Each operator has a permanent monopoly within its own zone.

However, the operators have considerable autonomy over the details of their routes and schedules, since the service standards do not specify these in minute detail.

In addition, numerous charter, school and shuttle services fall beyond the main system, each with their own information, payments and marketing. Significant progress was made, especially on physical integration of bus and MRT on a common ticketing. The 28, taxis in Singapore are indeed considered as a public transport.

Under the existing system, the government cannot impose innovations, except indirectly via the service standards. Cultural problems We are in Singapore, but the governement also has difficulty dealing with another problem, which is found everywhere in the world. In an area as so confined as Singapore, the authorities do not see any alternative to limiting individual car journeys.

I believe the reason for this behaviour is the mindset that public transport is inferior.

Reimagining the travel experience

From his home in Punggol, he set off for the Mediacorp office at Andrew Road. He drove one day, and relied on an e-scooter as well as the MRT on the next.

While both experiences had their pros and cons, the winner in terms of time was clear. Driving took just over 20 minutes, while travelling time on public transport was 50 minutes.

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Video at this link The Government has been encouraging cycling as a mode of transport. Perhaps a more attractive option is to encourage the use of two-wheeled electric vehicles.

Cycling project in Singapore Technologic solutions? We then see the emergence of various solutions such as carpooling and … autonomous cars.

global business plan competition singapore mrt

According to some sociologists, the millennials are not very much into car ownership. And yet having his own car is still a dream for many more people.

However, car sharing, along with alternatives such as ride-sharing and taxis, are smaller pieces in a big puzzle. Citing previous studies, the Car Sharing Association states that a shared car could remove 14 private cars from the road. Going even further, the authorities are already thinking about artificial intelligence.

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Some innovative computing technology, able to process enormous amounts of information will certainly be crucial to the ultimate functioning of such a complex driverless cars systems.

Autonomous vehicles could not only be a reality soon, but, most importantly, such innovations may bring about and trigger new business models.Learn about your favourite destinations with our travel guides. Book your flights and plan your itinerary and accommodation with Singapore Airlines.

The Mass Rapid Transit or MRT is a rapid transit system forming the major component of the railway system in Singapore, spanning the entire city-state. The initial section of the MRT, between Yio Chu Kang and Toa Payoh, opened in , making it the second-oldest metro system in Southeast Asia.

The Singapore Accountancy Awards are open for nominations from 1 June to 30 June Business Excellence Awards: Nominations are open to all accounting practices registered in Singapore and nominators can put forth other organisations or their own firm for one or more of the awards.

National Startup Competition This first truly global startup/scaleup competition is part of the World Innovations Forum, nominating the best entrepreneurs in each country and the best in the world. This is the first event in this Global Competition. A few days after Global Blue Singapore hosted an industry event to address the APAC region’s highly dynamic travel and retail industry landscape, Jan Moller, Global Blue Country Managing Director in Singapore, comes back on the island city’s unique retail situation and gives us more insights on the future challenges to harness.

(4) And that’s so great for the global business of a city like Singapore However, it is increasingly recognized that autonomous cars would not be the ideal solution in urban areas. Many experts denounce the risk of excessive use: the ease of access to autonomous car services would lead to an exponential increase in journeys.

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