Freeze exim

Freeze all incoming messages with Exim. Exim - Freeze all incoming messages.

Freeze exim

Freeze all incoming messages with Exim. Exim - Freeze all incoming messages. At my place of employment, we have a development environment which closely mirrors our production environment. We have one application that we manage which sends Freeze exim several thousand emails each month.

In order to test this application in our development environment, we usually have to pare down the list of emails to just a few internal addresses.

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We use Exim version 4. After doing some research, it seemed the best way to handle this was to automatically freeze all messages coming into our development environment in the Exim queue and then I could just delete all messages in the queue once a day. The method I chose to freeze all incoming messages was to use an Exim system filter.

Freeze exim

The system filter contains only the following: Exim filter freeze text "Message automatically frozen in dev environment. You must have the " Exim filter" line at the top of your system filter file. You can store the above Exim system filter anywhere, but I chose to put it in the same location as my exim.

I named mine "exim.

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Next, you need to modify your exim. To do so, add the following directives to your exim. To delete all the frozen messages in the queue once a day, I set up a cron job like this: Alternatively you can set a timeout for frozen messages in your Exim configuration file exim. You should disable that directive if it exists in your exim.

To disable it, just place a hash symbol at the beginning of the line like this:Exim mail general commands Exim is a mail transfer agent (MTA) used on Unix-like operating systems.

Exim is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, and it aims to be a general and flexible mailer.

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Try to check on the logs for the reason of the freeze, exim writes to the logs that kind of information, probably, if there is a long queue of frozen messages you could check for that and fix the real problem.

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