Cowboy subculture paper

American cowboy, "King of the Plains" postcard, — The English word cowboy originated in Ireland. The first published use of the word was in by Jonathan Swiftreferring to a boy tending cows. It was used in Britain from to literally describe young boys who tended the family or community cows. It described an individual who managed cattle while mounted on horseback.

Cowboy subculture paper

Hat[ edit ] Lawman Bat Masterson wearing a bowler hat In the early days of the Old West it was the bowler hat rather than the slouch hatcentercrease derived from the army regulation Hardee hator sombrero that was Cowboy subculture paper most popular among cowboys as it was less likely to blow out off in the wind.

These long strings were usually made from leather or horsehair. Typically, the string was run half-way around the crown of a cowboy hatand then through a hole on each side with its ends knotted and then secured under the chin or around the back of the head keeping the hat in place in windy conditions or when riding a horse.

The tall white ten gallon hats traditionally worn by movie cowboys were of little use for the historical gunslinger as they made him an easy target, hence the preference of lawmen like Wild Bill HickokWyatt Earp and Bat Masterson for low-crowned black hats.

These were revived in the s following the release of a popular Disney movie starring Fess Parker. It is generally constructed of denim or tartan fabric with long sleeves, and in modern form is sometimes seen with snap pockets, patches made from bandana fabric, and fringe.

A Western dress shirt is often elaborately decorated with piping, embroidered roses and a contrasting yoke. The cavalry shirt was made of blue wool with yellow piping and brass buttons and was invented by the flamboyant George Armstrong Custer.

Coat[ edit ] When a jacket is required there is a wide choice available for both linedancers and historical re-enactors. Women may wear bolero jackets derived from the Civil War era zouave uniforms, shawlsdenim jackets in a color matching their skirt or dress, or a fringe jacket like Annie Oakley.

This can take the form of an Ike jacketleisure suit or three-button sportcoat. Country and Western singer Johnny Cash was known to wear an all-black Western suit, in contrast to the elaborate Nudie suits worn by stars like Elvis Presley and Porter Wagoner.

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This type of western wear, popularized by country music performers, is the origin of the phrase rhinestone cowboy. Cowboy wearing leather chaps at a rodeo A Texas tuxedo comprising a denim jacket, boots and jeans.

Cowboy subculture paper

In the early days of the Wild West trousers were made out of wool. In summer canvas was sometimes used. This changed during the Gold Rush of the s when denim overalls became popular among miners for their cheapness and breathability.

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Levi Strauss improved the design by adding copper rivets [15] and by the s this design was adopted by ranchers and cowboys. The latter were sometimes made from hides retaining their hair known as "woolies" rather than tanned leather.

They appeared on the Great Plains somewhere around Saloon girls wore short red dresses with corsetsgarter belts and stockings. Neckwear[ edit ] Working cowboy wearing a bandana or "wild rag," s During the Victorian eragentlemen would wear silk cravats or neckties to add color to their otherwise sober black or grey attire.

These continued to be worn by respectable Westerners until the early 20th century. Following the Civil War it became common practise among working class veterans to loosely tie a bandana around their necks to absorb sweat and keep the dust out of their faces.

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This practise originated in the Mexican War era regular army when troops threw away the hated leather stocks a type of collar issued to soldiers and replaced them with cheap paisley kerchiefs. In modern times it serves as formal wear in many western states, notably Montana, New Mexico [26] and Texas.The cowboy subculture can be found all across the Ignited States and Hawaii.

What is the Cowboy Culture and who belongs in it? The cowboy culture is made up Of many different types Of people from many different backgrounds. The American Western of the s - An Analysis of Cowboy Culture against the Background of the Era - Julia Deitermann - Seminar Paper - American Studies - Culture and Applied Geography - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper Pages: - The focus of this research paper is to analyze the information, unique characteristics, and history regarding the subculture of scuba divers.

Scuba divers get to explore new, exciting, and breathtaking regions in the ocean that many people never get to experience in their whole lives. Apr 20,  · The subculture may be distinctive because of the age of its members, or by their race, ethnicity, class and/or gender, and the qualities that determine a subculture as distinct may be aesthetic, religious, occupational, political, sexual or a combination of these Resolved.

On western ranches today, even though the working cowboy is a grown man, the subculture of the cowboy is a lot of times one you are born into. Children of today, both boys and girls that are raised on a ranch are expected to learn to .

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Write a 3 page essay on Cowboy Proxemics. Hickey and William E. Thompson further studied the role of proxemics in American cowboy population and how it differed from the usual American and Thompson argued that a lot of proliferation has taken from cowboy culture to the mainstream American culture.

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