Corporate wellness programs

Devasree Bose "Since Stepathlon, I can actually gauge how much I have walked, compare my everyday step count and get motivated to achieve more. This is called mixing fun with exercise and it is reaping positive results, both physically and mentally! After joining the day race and reading through various articles on Stepathlon website, I have decided to eat healthy always! I think the fact that we all pushed each other in the group brought us closer.

Corporate wellness programs

Luckily, there are many employers in America that understand the endless advantages to keeping employees healthy. Successful corporate wellness programs are the result of these employers. These companies live and breathe the five basic tenants of a successful corporate wellness program, as laid out by Fortune Magazine.

The companies on this list: Earth Friendly Products Taking one of our favorite routes to health is a company most known for its willingness to help the environment. At Earth Friendly Productsemployees are welcome to snag food from an organic fruits and vegetables garden.

Talk about fresh food! Manufacturers of audiovisual equipment, Draper, Inc is headquartered about 40 miles outside of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Yet, this small company packs a big punch in regards to corporate wellness for employees. It offers an on-site wellness center, health challenges with sizeable prizes, and a wellness committee to help perpetuate programs. Google Saying that working at Google is amazing is a little like saying that the sky is blue.

Its Googlers-to-Googlers program has employees teach other employees fitness practices to keep them healthy. Microsoft Healthy living includes creating a healthy community through volunteering.

This is in addition to other, more conventional, employee benefits, like flex work hours and free gym memberships. Accenture On top of a huge program to help its employees with issues ranging from anxiety to substance abuse, Accenture also provides employees to resources for keeping active on the road.

Genentech Guided meditation and an on-site farmers market? This company also offers business travel health kits for employees who travel for their jobs.

SAS With a free on-site healthcare center and free healthy snacks, SAS is definitely one of our favorite industry leaders for successful corporate wellness programs.


The fact that employees can also go through their to-do list on their lunch break by visiting a variety of on-site amenities only adds to its awesomeness.

With paid leave for both parents, assistance with foster care, and adoption leave, Hasbro reaffirms its family-centric values. Worth naming are the unlimited vacation days and full medical and dental coverage.

Corporate wellness programs

Life Fitness It only makes sense that the companies that brought you most of your gym equipment would also go above and beyond in promoting fitness. ZocDoc With free catered lunches, and an eat together family culture, ZocDoc employees are surprisingly close, being that they number Our favorite aspect of this successful corporate wellness program, though, is the Fun Room, which holds things as diverse as a guitar, arcade games, and even a hammock.

Well, the people of Centro might just have taken the movie a little too literally. In addition to paid vacation days, this company offers employees 10 Ferris Bueller Days, where employees can play hooky, no questions asked. The people at Coupons.

With services on-site to finish errands—like a Laundromat, dry cleaning, and shoe repair—Coupons. KIND We might be slightly biased towards this healthy company, being that we offer their snacks in our healthy snack deliveries.

Corporate wellness programs

Talk about making healthy eating easy and affordable! Council on Foreign Relations Fitness comes in all forms at this unique company.

Mondo Reimbursing for the cost of fitness activities? Giving up to five days of paid vacation just for donating hours towards volunteering? Definitely a new, and wonderful, concept that exists only a few places, including Mondo.

Tough Mudder Flex days are a relatively new concept embraced by a wide variety of companies, Tough Mudder included. It includes walking desks, showers for biking commuters, and a discount on Tough Mudder sponsors, like Under Armour.

Camelbak A company known for its commitment to hydration better have great health perks. An on-site masseuse is another. The fact that they have an on-site personal trainer and fitness classes only add to how amazing this company is.

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The Institute for Integrative Nutrition On-site chiropractic care and acupuncture coverage are only two of the many benefits to working at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.At Zappos, corporate wellness goes beyond the employee.

It provides health insurance for employees' dogs. Before you say that you can't afford extra perks for your employees, think about corporate wellness as a cost reduction plan.

Introducing a health and wellness program into a corporate setting comes bundled with two major benefits. The first, of course, revolves around preventing employees from succumbing to dangerous conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes as much as possible.

After all, today's lifestyle is pretty conducive.

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Corporate wellness programs are a nearly $8 billion industry in the U.S. and are expected to grow at a clip of nearly % through The Global Wellness Institute puts that number at $ Workplace wellness is any workplace health promotion activity or organizational policy designed to support healthy behavior in the workplace and to improve health outcomes.

Known as 'corporate wellbeing' outside the US, workplace wellness often comprises activities such as health education, medical screenings, weight management programs, on-site fitness programs . Stepathlon organized Corporate Wellness Programs like stress management programs, corporate yoga programs, healthy balanced diet, walking health benefits & step counter app.

Program evaluation is critical to maintaining accountability for a wellness program. To do this well, develop an evaluation plan at the start of a program so that useful baseline data collection.

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