An introduction to the origins of surnames

The kin of Airbertach were closely associated with the Clann Somerhairle Ri Innse Gall "Kings of the Hebrides"the ancestors of the MacDougalls and the MacDonald "Lords of the Isles"; and like their allies their interests in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries ranged throughout the Hebrides and the western coastal regions of the Scottish mainland, and into Ireland. Though most of the clans certainly descended from Airbertach were associated with the Inner Hebrides Tiree, Iona, Mull, Ulva and Colonsay some others claiming the same descent were later settled inland along the strategic corridor that connects Lorn - the mainland region opposite those islands - to Dunkeld in Perthshire, where Airbertach's son Cormac was the Bishop in the early twelfth century.

An introduction to the origins of surnames

An introduction to the origins of surnames

Pinterest 0 Irish surnames are very important, especially the unusual ones and there are so many unusual names to be found in our records. What is an Irish Surname?

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Is it a name as gaeilge through Irish? Is it a name which was brought in to Ireland with the Normans? Or does that remain a name of Norman origin, which is found in Ireland.

If their ancestors said they came from Ireland, then to my mind, those people must have been born in Ireland regardless of where their parents or grandparents came from. Origin and Accents Edward McLysaght gives the origin of some Irish surnames, where they may have been found in Ireland, where they were most common, some being found only in one county.

He lists some variations, some synonyms, he tells where a name may have been changed to something which seems totally unlike the original between one county and another.

He, through his lists does give some idea of surnames which can sound the same. Now, if we stop to think, the accents in many Irish counties are different, definitely noticeable between places like Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Belfast. Words are pronounced differently.

We have to remember that the person writing any word down may have come from another county, may have written as he or she heard the word — phonetically — and if that name was found in the county they originated in, then they will have written the name as it was spelled in their own county.

So, my ancestor may have spelled his name one way, someone else may have written it down a second way and when I go to the records for that county I may never find either variation, that is if I stick doggedly to the name as I know it to be spelled.

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However, if I stop to think and I check those names which may sound the same regardless of spelling, then I can strike gold! I would ask those of you who do transcribe records to please not change the spellings as you find them, those spellings may be the hint that some other person seeks at another time.

Variations, examples People hear that Irish records were written in Irish or that some names were written in Irish. The number of times that I personally have seen surnames written in Irish have been few and far between.

At the time, I had no answer, since then I have read that Latin records were generally kept in those areas where Irish was spoken.Feb 17,  · Introduction. Most Caribbean people have African ancestors. It has been estimated that more than million people were transported between . Sicilian Surnames - History and Onomatology by Luigi Mendola: Magazine Index Best of Sicily Arts & Culture Fashion Food & Wine History & Society About Us.

Since written history began, and as far back as oral history reaches, people have had names.

An introduction to the origins of surnames

It is therefore impossible to do more than guess at how the earliest given names were chosen. Most names appear to have had some sort of original meaning, usually descriptive, rather than being simply a pleasing collection of sounds.

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It is likely that the introduction of parish registers in played a role in the use of surnames, as a person entered under one surname at baptism would not be likely to be married under another name, and buried under a third.

An introduction