Abigail williams accusations essay

Many people died after a series of accusations, lies, and harsh acts of jealousy during the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts in the late s. In The Crucible, Abigail is the obvious villain in the play. She is a cruel and malicious girl who will do anything to get her way and keep herself out of trouble. For that reason, Abigail Williams is to blame for the deaths of those innocent Puritans who died during the witch hunt.

Abigail williams accusations essay

Use an editor to spell check essay. She is a true villain and an antagonist of the play. She is not as complex as the other characters may seem; however, her manipulative nature and cruelty may send the chills down the reader's spine.

She is a gifted liar whose actions are driven by a lust for revenge and power. At the end of the hysteria, nineteen innocent victims are sent to death because of her false accusations. At first, it may seem that she is motivated by her desire to take revenge on Elizabeth, John Proctor's wife, whom she claims to love.

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However, later on one may feel that all her evil actions cannot be blamed on jealousy only. Fortunately, Arthur Miller provides his readers with a possible explanation of why Abigail became such a cruel and inhuman person, with not even a trace of remorse. Miller tells us about Abigail's childhood, namely about a tragedy she was a witness to at a very young age.

Her parents were both killed in front of her by the Indians.

The Crucible Essay – “Who Is Really to Blame?”

There is no doubt that this event affected her. No wonder, she became brutal as an adult; she was too young to be exposed to such a gruesome atrocity. Also, her actions might be in a way justified by her poor societal status. She is an orphan, does not have any relatives, she is a female in the Puritan patriarchal society, and even more, she is not married.

The only person that might be even in the worse position than her is Tituba, the black slave. Being almost at the bottom of societal ladder, she seeks for any opportunity to climb up and regain power. Also, it does not help that Elizabeth Proctor is spreading rumors about her, trying to disgrace her even more.

She becomes Abigail's target at once. Therefore, although Abigail's actions may seem unjustifiable, they can be understandable after Miller's explanations. It is important to mention that a prototype of this evil heroine was a real Abigail Williams.

The historical Abigail was different from her fictional self.

Abigail williams accusations essay

She was only 11 at the time when the witch trials took place. She was a servant in John Proctor's home when she accused Elizabeth of being a witch but always refused to include John in her accusations.

Arthur Miller saw this fact as a romantic twist that could make his play more dramatic, although there was no actual evidence of the affair between John and Abigail in real life.Abigail Williams. Abigail Williams was one of the main accusers in the Salem Witch trials.

The year-old niece of Reverend Samuel Parris showed signs of fits and hysterics in mid-January Abigail Williams was a main source for the cause of the Salem witch trials for many reasons such as, her false accusations, her thirst for power, and she had a .

Abigail Williams was a real person, and she did spearhead the group of girls who saw spirits and pointed out the witches in Salem. The historical person was . Abigail Williams Death. Because of all of this tension, this shows that Abigail was in fact jealousy and that is the first reason why she is to blame for the deaths.

- The Crucible - Abigail Williams is to Blame In Arthur Miller's The Crucible, the main character Abigail Williams is to blame for the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts. Abigail is a mean and vindictive person who always wants her way, no matter who she hurts.

Crucible Abigail Williams Essay; Crucible Abigail Williams Essay. The accusations throughout the story build on lie after lie after lie from those trying to protect their own name, thus putting the whole town in a state of confusion and chaos.

Nobody in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts knows whom to trust anymore, after all of the.

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