A horse and two goats by r.k narayan essay

Narayan 10 October — 13 May ,[1] full name Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami, was an Indian writer known for his works set in the fictional South Indian town of Malgudi.

A horse and two goats by r.k narayan essay

Hot, sunny, noisy and crowded market place Social Condition 1. Influence by British couture, bible preaching 2. People are lacking of sympathies 3. Social condition were poor, over populate Plot From the short story the trail of green blazer, the plots that can identify in this short story are woven plot.

The woven plot is describe about the structure of the story that only have a climax area and the climax area are surrounding by the rising action and falling action.

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The flows of the Woven plot are show as below; From the story of green blazer, it shows that the story is start with the description of the background of the story before the actions are begun and these situations are known as the exposition of the story.

In this story, the exposition is showing the villagers wearing style, life style and also the city situation. The next stages of the woven plot are the rising action. The rising action is about where the stories are become complicate and the conflicts are appearing.

It is allocate in the between of the introduction of the story and the climax of the story. In the trail of green blazer, the rising action are start from the paragraph 2 until the paragraph 8, that is when the story show the Raju is a professional pickpocket and until the he decide to put back the purse to green blazer.

Next is the most important part in the short story, which is the climax of short story. The climax also is known as the turning point of the overall story. From the short story of trail of green blazer, the turning point is when the Raju tries to put back the purse to the green blazer which are stolen before because of the balloon in that purse remind he the motherless child of green blazer.

The coming stages are the falling stage.

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The falling stage is allocated after the climax in the story and it is begin to slow down the story. The most probably in this stage is showing the result of an action or decision that made by a character.

From the story, the falling stage is fall into when Raju are arrest because of stole the purse of green blazer. And the last stage of the woven plot is resolution stage. The resolution is the stage that showing the conclusion and the ending part of the story. In the trail of green blazer, the resolution stage is about Raju swear that he will never ever to put back the item that have steal.

Raju is thief that made pickpocket his way of life. The Green Blazer wearing the prominent outfit led to the Raju targeted him as a next victim for stealing the purse.

Raju get caught by the Green Blazer when trying to put back the empty purse only ballons to the Green Blazer pocket. Therefore, the conflict is between the Raju and the Green Blazer and lead to the Raju jailing 18 months in the prison.

The protagonist struggle against tradition, rules, ideas, and beliefs and so on. In the short story, Raju is struggling against with the traditional belief, law and social values. Stealing other person purse is totally not accepted by the society.

Therefore, Raju is beaten up by the society when caught by the Green Blazer and the society does not believe the Raju joke for put the purse back into the Green Blazer pocket.IGCSE SYLLABUS IGCSE SYLLABUS O LEVEL SYLLABUS STORIES OF OURSELVES: A Horse and Two Goats R.K.

Narayan A HORSE AND TWO GOATS () Narayan is one of India’s most celebrated prose fiction authors writing in the English language. This story was written in and published in In his essay on 'The Indian in America," as if answering in R.

A horse and two goats by r.k narayan essay

K. Narayan tells stories the old-fashioned way, with In "A Horse and Two Goats," for example, Narayan conjures up a humorous encounter between a peasant and a tourist, one speaking only Tamil and the other only English. R. K. Narayan was born in Madras (now Chennai), British India.

He was one of eight children; six sons and two daughters. Narayan was the oldest of the sons; his younger brother Ramachandran later became an editor at Gemini Studios, and the youngest brother Laxman became a cartoonist. His father was a school headmaster, and Narayan .

A horse and two goats by r.k narayan essay

Horse and Two Goats". The extent of a particular paper arrangement is unrestricted the temperament may be grave, humorous or ironical and the subject might go from what R.

K. Narayan recognizes from. A Horse and Two Goats (summary) A story about two individuals, an American and an Indian, trying to converse and communicate, but they can not seem to understand each other because of the lack of knowledge in the other’s language and culture.

"R. K. Narayan was born in Madras in and educated there and at Maharajah's College in Mysore. He has lived in India ever since, apart from his travels. (A Horse and Two Goats, An Astrologer's Day, Lawley Road, Malgudi Days, and The Grandmother's Tale), My America, an essay by Narayan;.

Short Summary of “The Guide” by R.K. Narayan